Two Different Types of Stains for Stained Concrete Floors

Two Different Types of Stains for Stained Concrete Floors

A popular alternative to wood flooring and carpet, is staining concrete floors. This post is gonna help you choose the kind of stain for your indoor concrete floor. So lets work out which type of stain is the best for stained concrete floors. Favorite stained concrete floors austin supplier

Types of Stains

The 2 various kinds of stains you can buy are water-based and acid-based. They both have it pro and cons, so that will help you them.

Water Based Stain

One of the best aspects of water-based stains, is that you could basically achieve any color you would like. They do not have a compound response to the concrete much like the acid-based stains. Water-based stains are also fairly simple to use where there isn’t much cleanup afterwards.

An execllent thing about water-based stains for stained concrete floors is that they are typically less toxic, than acid-based. There is also more selections for environmental friendly stain solutions. Something you will have to take into consideration is not making to numerous mistakes. The water based stains usually dry and follow the concrete very fast.

Here are some reasons you need to use a water-based stain:

You might have stains that you simply cant remove.

The concrete you’re planning on staining has become cleaned with acid.

In the concrete installation, is was sealed.

Acid Based Stain

The limited benefit of acid staining is basically that you can’t choose as numerous colors, when compared to water. The professional could be that the color will usually last much longer though. It’s always best to use this sort of stain in a high traffic part of your own home, because of the durability. It’s also resistant to peeling, chipping, or fading over time. The acid based stain will also appear holistic and may seem like stone or wood. After applying an acid based stain, you need to make sure you clean the counter well to take out the acid left. Local Stained Concrete Floors Austin Vendor

Other Quick Tips

Preparing the top

To make sure you get the best application about the stain, you will need to prep the surface.

First thing you should do is apparent the bedroom of the furniture or objects that may obstruct. You will also wish to take away the baseboards.

Step 2 you’ll want to do is sand the bottom, in order to make the sure a floor is smooth. Afterwards runs on the vacuum to any debris from the floor.

Now that you’ve a perception of the pro and cons of each one stain, select one for doing that modern search for your concrete floors.


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